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The Great Commission: The Reason We Exist

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by Chris Niemeyer “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations… teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28: 19-20, The Great Commission With a heart for missions and a love for travel, my wife and I founded...

Cary Boster, Mission Team to Haiti

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Cary Boster is the Sales and Operations Manager for Mission Travel. After fourteen years working on the travel planning side of missions, this February she got to go on her first mission trip herself, to Haiti. This post is part of a series to share about Mission Travel’s staff, and how God is calling each of...

March Matters for Mission Planning

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March is a Key Month For Missions – Here’s Why: At Mission Travel, we help plan each step of the mission trip with thousands of clients. March is historically one of the busiest months of planning – with a clear opportunity for you. Summer is peak season for mission trips and travel in general.  The supply...

Howard Hicks, Ministry Update from Peru

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Howard Hicks has been with Mission Travel since 2012. He works half the year from Arizona and the other half from Peru and Argentina, where his particular mission focus is on mentoring youth and young adults exiting orphanages in Cusco, Peru. He has recently returned to South America this spring. This post is part of an upcoming series...

Group Stopovers and Deviations

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So, you’re leading a group mission trip abroad. You have everything set up with your in-country contacts, and you know what dates you would like to be there and serve, and you are starting to assemble your team. Have you considered doing a post-trip stop in another location, for debriefing, Sabbath, or R&R? There are...

Is TSA Pre-Check Right for Me?

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If you have traveled any time in the last few years, you may have noticed that some people in the security line are being funneled through to a different screening process. If you’re wondering what that’s all about (are they  Very Important Travelers? Diplomats? Are they just cooler than I am? Do they have fancy...

Mission and Humanitarian Fares

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Missionary travel agencies have pre-negotiated fares with dozens of airlines, to be used specifically for travelers doing mission work and humanitarian aid. These are called contract fares, and they divide thousands of airports across the world into various zones, and lay out pricing for each particular market and season. These are to be sold on...

Time To Start Next Year’s Mission Trip Planning!

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Advent is upon us once again. Happy liturgical new year! As you are prayerfully considering the use of your time and resources in this new year in the church calendar, remember it is not too soon to be preparing for next year’s ministries and outreach. If these plans include travel for large groups (10+), consider...

Travels Dreams – A “TOP 10” List

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Do you have a travel “bucket list”?  Been yearning to visit a far off land in particular?  I saw these travel ‘wish lists’ in a recent luxury travel survey and wondered how it resonates with vacationers.  Feedback is appreciated!  I’ve been fortunate to take part in a couple of these so if you have a...


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Staycation, international vacation or domestic vacation? Wondering what to do on your next vacation? Think about staying “closer” to home. Pack up your car and head across the USA; it can be just as beautiful and exciting as traveling overseas, and you don’t need a passport, immunization shots or currency exchange. My husband and I recently...

Another Benefit of Missionary Travel… Friends for Life

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As I think back on this year (and years past) and the various mission trips and missionary travel I’ve taken, one thing that stands out in my mind is the incredible people we’ve met. If you’ve been on any mission trips at all, you can likely relate. I am often awestruck and humbled by the...

Take a Shot!

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You are going on a Mission Trip! You are excited and packed, but do you just bring your phone (with its own camera), or do you bring an actual camera? DO NOT HESITATE to bring your camera! Yes, it may accumulate a few battle-scars, but you will be going to come home with more, clearer memories....

Brand Loyalty vs. Best Price

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Money is important to everyone. Saving it and being a wise spender is even more important. Since the invention of the Internet, there is an abundance of businesses dedicated to help the average person save money. The travel industry isn’t short on their share of corporations guaranteeing customers the best price. But are we selling...

My favorite packing Tip

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OK, Here’s one of my favorite packing tips:After losing iphones and other important items somewhere along my travels, I finally came up with this helpful tip:Grab some address labels, and put them on the things you’re most concerned about losing: camera, laptop, cell phone, wallet, etc. If you’re traveling internationally, an email would be helpful...

Missionaries Need Vacations Too!

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Serving as a Missionary is a great calling and very rewarding, but it is a huge job and sometimes you need a rest. I just booked one of our clients at The Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall All Inclusive Resort in Jamaica. Relaxing Beaches, gentle breezes, I can imagine it now… My name is Kristi Rudisill....

Checklist & Timeline for Mission Trip Leaders

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 Useful Travel Checklist & Timeline for Mission Trip LeadersUP TO 10 MONTHS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE:Reserve your mission travel airfare.-Contact your host/church/mission office to find out when and where you should arrive and depart. Ask specifically for a flexible date range – +/- 1 or 2 days is most helpful when trying to arrange group airfare....

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

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Ever wondered, “Why use a travel agent?” I mean, with thousands of travel sites online, can’t I book trips myself? Sure, but there are often over-looked details that could easily ruin your vacation – and you likely won’t pay any more to have a customized trip prepared for you by your very own travel advocate....

3 Mission Trip Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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Uncertain of how to best prepare your church or ministry for an effective missions program? Have you been planning mission trips for years but there always seems to be issues that arise? You are not alone. According to many studies, the majority of mission trip leaders each year are brand new. Having never planned a...